How to prepare IBP Proposal

How to prepare IBP Proposal

How to prepare IBP Proposal


Panthapath Branch, Dhaka.

 Ref: SIBL/PPB/FEX./16/

Date: 11.02.2016


The Senior Vice President

International Department

Social Investment Bank Ltd.

Head Office, Dhaka


Sub: Proposal for sanction of Inland Bill Purchase for US$ 2,700.83 eqv. Tk. 1.81 lac (app.) at 10% margin under L/C No. 093 007040143 dated 24.01.2016 on A/C of M/S Onnesha Design and Printing.


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.


Our above-mentioned client has approached us to purchase the above inland letter of credit. We have examined the proposal and found it suitable to purchase the inland L/C. Details of the proposal is furnished below with our specific recommendation for your kind consideration:


01 Name and address of the party : M/S Onnesha Design and Printing.

House # 147/1/1, West Agargaon, North Shamoly, Dhaka-1207

02 Constitution and name of proprietor Proprietorship A/C

Proprietor :Jb. Fazlul Haque

03 Draft (Bill of exchange) value : US$ 2,700.83 only


04 Description of commodities : Accessories for RMG Industry.
05 Name and address of the Buyer : M/S.Ahmed Fashion.

Sha Smrity Market Society Ltd.

1/D,Avenue No.04,Plot 36A,Mirpur-1,Dhaka.

06 Port of Shipment and port of Destination : Suppliers Factory site to Buyers Factory site.


07 Date of Shipment : 28.01.2016
08 Date of maturity : 08.06.2016
09 Quantity of Goods : As per invoice enclosed
10 Present market price of the goods and its marketability  Tk. 1.81 lac (approx.)
11 Mode and amount of Facility : IBP
12 Period of facility : 120 days
13 Security : Acceptance / Confirmation of maturity of date of payment against shipping document for US$ 2,700.83 under Local BB L/C No..093 007040143 dated 24.01.2016 of National   Bank Ltd, Dilkusha Branch, Dhaka.
14 Rate of profit/return : As per Bank’s norms
15 Mode of retirement/repayment : At a time on maturity by PO


16 Past Performance of the party of this year with our Branch. : Nill


17 Total IBP Overdue of our Branch

IBP No. 02 US$ 93,450.00


Tk. 48,37,000.00


18. Present IBP outstanding of our Branch:As per enclosed Sheet.



  1. Branch recommendation:


M/S Onnesha Design and Printing is our new client. They are basically producer and exporter/supplier of Garments accessories. We expect good business from the client near future.


It may be noted that the above proposal has discussed at our Branch Management Committee No. 08/16 dated 11.02.2016 and decided to recommend for sanctioning the proposal by Head Office, Dhaka.


Therefore, we strongly recommend for sanction of Inland Bill Purchase for US$ 2,700.83 eqv.Tk. 1.81 lac (app.) at 10% margin.


Ma assalam

Yours faithfully



(Md.Makhluk Hasan)                                    (Md. Nazrul Wahab)

F.EX. In-charge                                            2nd Officer

Phone: 9136819,9111440

Ext. 7150-7157



  1. Client Request letter Copy of L/C 3.Copy of acceptance

How to prepare IBP Proposal


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