How to send sample to Buyer

How to send sample to Buyer

How to send sample to Buyer

How to send export samples to foreign buyer?


At first communicate with buyer. Buyer send you their requirements, Whereas the buyer describe their required goods specification such as: quantity of goods, size,, price, Inco terms, cargo name, place of delivery, H.S.code, shipment date, lead time, packing standard etc.



As per the specification of the buyer requirement you have made a sample as per export standard packing. When your sample is ready.



As per communication with the buyer, you should have to sand sample of your products. If value of your product sample is high you may request to your buyer to make payment for your sample price. The buyer may remits your cost of the sample price amount to your bank account. It may be send before your sending sample or after your sending sample as they wish. If the sample price amount is small, you can afford the cost, you can send the sample of your products on free of costs, it will be wise not to claim or ask for your sample price is small. There are is any government financial assistance to send sample products to foreign countries from your country you may contract with your country’s Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) or export promotion council or commodity board for more information. At the time of sending sample, you must retain a set of sample to your end to meet the specification of products as per the earlier or first communication which you made regarding the sample. Remember that you do not keep a copy of sample, you cannot claim with your buyer against any disputes against the quality specification of product.

If the sample size and quantity is small you may send it by international courier of your country. The value must be below of certain amount which is permit by your country. To contact your service provider for the latest value limit circular that government of your country allowed on export sample that you can send by courier without any specific regulations.

 The cost of courier charges can be paid by you or the buyer as per your understanding with the buyer on mutually agreed terms of communication.

Considering above matter, you may send your sample to buyer within a short period of time. Because dollar rate fluctuate time to time.

How to send sample to Buyer

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